Dark Night: Live!

I work in the theatre industry and the MOST frustrating words to hear from a colleague are, "Hey, did you see [fill in the blank] show? It was amazing/life-changing/one of the best I've seen all year." The truth is when you work in the theatre industry, particularly in any front of house or production aspect, you rarely see any show you aren't currently working on. The only day those of us who work in the industry have free to see productions in which we aren't intimately involved is Monday night, known as "Dark Night". "Dark Night" refers to the the one day of the week theatres traditionally do not perform, hence their marquees are dark. The bottom line: you're free to see theatre on Monday evenings if only there was theatre to see!

The solution: Dark Night Live!

Dark Night Live! is a podcast featuring local Chicago storytellers (both native and transplants) that will be broadcast from Eats & Sweets Cafe starting on August 17th, 7:30-8:30pm. Each episode will have a central theme on which storytellers will riff; the theme for our very first episode will be "Your Most Embarrassing Childhood Memory".

Dark Night Live! will be quick and dirty. Stories will not be formally rehearsed and each storyteller will have approximately 10 minutes of airtime.

Suggested admission for Dark Night Live! is a cup of coffee, although our barista and bakery area will be open for the entirety of the taping.

The purpose of Dark Night Live! is to give industry professionals (and anyone who enjoys a good story) the opportunity to relax and engage with local artists in an informal way -- and all before bedtime!

Our podcast promises:

  • Local stories told by local people
  • Open "casting", by which we mean we welcome all applicants
  • The opportunity to engage with art YOU didn't have to make!
  • Compelling entertainment, told in a cozy setting, scheduled early enough to get home to bed on a work night (after all, we aren't getting any younger)

Do you have a story to share? Email margaret@eatsandsweetscafe.com with your pitch.

*Dark Night Live! is rated R, meaning some language and themes will not be suitable for children. Dark Night Live! is recommended for ages 18+.