Script Reading: TOMAS

The Chicago Inclusion Project (in partnership with Eats & Sweets Cafe) cordially invites you to a developmental table read of TOMAS, a new play by artistic associate Danny Bernardo. A modern deconstruction of the classic American novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin", TOMAS is a satirical trifle that examines racial tensions in the gay community. The titular character is an affluent black man living a very genteel life in Savannah, Georgia. His attempt at the perfect Thanksgiving dinner faces ruin at the arrival of his runaway niece, a single mother from the inner city who clashes with his mostly white dinner party. Dealing with themes of identity, racial micro-aggressions, and tokenism, Tomas is a bitingly hilarious journey reminiscent of "The Boys in the Band", of one man coming into himself in a world that tells him to be what he's not.

Be a part of the critical first steps of an artistic process! 

Where: Eats & Sweets Dining Room

When: September 21st, 7:30pm

The reading is free and open to the general public. There will be a post-read discussion, moderated by David Weiss (company dramaturg for Broken Nose Theatre).

CAST: Tomas Monroe: BEAR BELLINGER Marcus Shelby-St.Clare: DAVID SCHULMPF Augustus Shelby-St. Clare: VICTOR HOLSTEIN Opie Shelby: ERIC LINDAHL Harrison St. Clare: BEAU FORBES Evan Lin: KROYDELL GALIMA Samuel Quintanilla: GABE RUIZ Eliza Monroe: NETTA WALKER