BBQ: The Types

This week we're serving up a (North) Carolina bbq sandwich with caraway slaw on a house made challah bun. Tim chose to combine these flavors because the clove in the sauce compliments the caraway in the slaw, and the vinegar-based sauce nicely contrasts the sweetness of the challah bun. In honor of this week's special, let's explore the different kinds of barbecue that can be enjoyed in the United States. (Please note, this is not a comprehensive list!)

Memphis: served either wet or dry, usually on pork. The dry rub contains garlic, paprika, and other spices. When served "dry", the meat is not accompanied by sauce. When "wet", the meat is brushed with a thin tomato sauce before, during, and after cooking.

North Carolina: raging debate! North Carolina-style barbecue is divided into two camps: Lexington-style and Eastern-style. While both camps agree the meat should be brushed with a vinegar and spice mixture and coated with a ketchup-based sauce, Lexington-style uses just the pork shoulder and ribs while Eastern-style utilizes the entire pig.

South Carolina: although the southern version uses similar cuts of meat, the sauce is mustard-based with brown sugar and vinegar.

Kansas City: pork cooked low and slow over a variety of woods (particularly hickory) and served with a thick tomato and molasses-based sauce.

Texas: Texas-style barbecue can be divided into four main categories—east, central, west, and south. East-style is equal parts pork and beef, cooked over hickory until it is falling off the bone, then coated with a sweet tomato-based sauce. It is commonly served chopped instead of sliced. Central-style is rubbed with spices then cooked over pecan or oak using indirect heat. West-style is also cooked using indirect heat, but from mesquite. South-style is cooked with a thick-molasses based sauce that keeps the meat very moist

Alabama: a white sauce made from vinegar and mayonnaise and used as a sauce, dressing, and marinade. Primarily used on chicken.

So there you have it! Barbecue styles from around the country.