DNL! Artist: Emma Couling

Thanks to Emma Couling, one of our regular DNL! storytellers and, most recently, the first DNL! participant to choose the theme for a DNL! episode (6 - Fiasco: Best Laid Plans Gone Horribly Awry). You can hear Emma in Episodes 2 and 5.

Emma Couling is a freelance director, manager and actor in Chicago, IL. She's currently directing Little Women with 20% Theater Company, which will open on December 6. She's the Audience Services and Ticketing Coordinator at Victory Gardens Theater, a Qualitative Assistant for National Data Research, and, when she has a chance, she travels to her homeland—The Beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan—to help out at the family business where her parents lead walking tours of St. Ignace and Sault Ste. Marie focused on local history, women's history, and histories mysteries. Ms Couling is an avid reader of Jane Austen, a passionate Harry Pot-head and a strident feminist.