DNL! welcomes Chicago Slam Works House Ensemble

DNL! was thrilled to feature Chicago Slam Works House Ensemble for yesterday evening's episode: Let's Talk about Time and Space. We had a blast!  

Can't get enough of Chicago Slam Works? Here are two more chances to see them!

Incendium at Stage 773, Jan 29th-March 4th

Welcome to the Incendium Cabaret, where a ragtag rogue’s gallery perform for the freshly-dead inside the afterlife’s hottest (and only) nightclub. In this sprawling underworld, time is a forgotten luxury, and nothing much seems to change… until an unexpected touch of chaos rattles the cast’s routine.

Uptown Poetry Slam at The Green Mill, every Sunday night

Now in its 29th year, The Uptown Poetry Slam is the not only the longest running show in Chicago, but the original poetry slam on the planet. Every week, slam originator Marc Smith takes the stage with co-host, J.W. Basilo to bring a raucous performance poetry show to standing room only audiences. That’s right, what has been called “the most important literary movement of our time,” all began with one show and that show is still running every Sunday at the Green Mill.

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