Big News!

We have big news! Last Thursday we signed a lease on our second space, which will be called The Satellite Cafe. Located at 942 W Montrose Ave, our new space will be directly across from Uptown Gym, on several major commuting routes, and a short drive from LSD.

We live in Uptown, so we're thrilled to be opening a space in our own neighborhood! When we moved here six years ago we fell in love with Uptown because it felt so reminiscent of home: Detroit. We're committed to keeping Uptown vibrant, friendly, and delicious!

This news is beyond thrilling for us and we hope for you too! We couldn't have done this without support from our family, friends, customers, and community. Thank you for making this possible—we cannot wait to start serving you in Uptown in February 2017! Check back for more status updates on our new project.