What happened to the Maiden Voyage?

I’ve gotten many inquiries over the past six months about what happened to MV and if we ever plan to reopen the space. The long and short answer is that Tim and I had cash flow issues that prevented us from being able to keep the location open. It broke our hearts to have to close our doors, but the realities of being a small business (especially a restaurant - margins are notoriously tight in the food service industry) caught up with us. While we’re back on firm financial footing, we don’t have the funds to make re-opening MV feasible. It was a large operation with a full kitchen/bakery, a large staff, and complex operational requirements.

MV was our first business venue and we will always have a special place in our hearts for the location, the staff, the neighborhood, and the many memories we created there. We had the privilege of serving our Ravenswood neighbors for just over three years from the corner of Montrose and Paulina and saw new generations born, neighbors come and go, and new businesses flourish (shout out to BienMeSabe!) during that time.

Fortunately for us we’re getting another chance with The Satellite Cafe and we are working so hard to ensure the viability of that location. We appreciate all your love and support - we could not have done this without each and every one of you and we are so thankful to have a second chance to be your neighbor.

All the best,


Margaret McCall