You need Satellite. Satellite needs you.

Dear neighbors,

We are so grateful The Satellite Cafe has been given a second chance. As Uptown residents, we value the opportunity to engage with our community as local business owners and are lucky enough to call many of you not just neighbors, but also friends. 

Our closure 6 months ago was due to funding issues. The margins in the food service industry are tight, as evidenced by the regular closures of local restaurants/cafes. This time around we’ve tighten our operation considerably by cutting low-traffic hours, closing one of our locations, reimagining our menu, and streamlining our ordering/inventory processes. 

However, we cannot do this alone. Many of you have expressed how excited you are that we’re back. While we appreciate the sentiment (truly! we love y’all!), we need your enthusiasm to translate into regular visits in order to remain open. We have an enthusiast, driven team behind us (led by the inimitable Morgan Sosic) who would be delighted to see you regularly. Second chances are so rare (particularly in the restaurant industry), and with your help, we can make this one count.

On your way to work, on the way home on Friday evenings, for a weekend morning treat, or as a place to host an event - please, consider us. (full hours below)

We pledge to do our very best to keep our doors open and the coffee/beer flowing. With your help, we can continue to be your neighbor for years to come. 

All the best,


Satellite Hours of Operation

Daily 7am to 2pm

Fri and Sat 7pm to 10pm

Margaret McCall