"I grew up in a Detroit neighborhood that was very committed to community."

Margaret McCall—Owner & Operator

When Tim and I relocated to Chicago for work, it was very important that we settle in a neighborhood with the same values, which is why we landed in Uptown. We used to walk our dogs by Angel Food Bakery every day and talk about how charming it was—how much we would like to own a space like that one day.

One day came sooner than we thought and we bought the business in June 2015. When Tim and I talked about all the reasons we wanted to have our own business, we kept coming back to the idea of creating community through simple, uncomplicated food. We make all our baked goods, bread, and sauces in house.

It’s important to us that our customers feel at home in our cafe. We facilitate outreach between our customers and local non profits by hosting fundraising events and donation drives. It makes sense to us that if you feed people well, they’ll use that energy to do good in their community.