Locally owned and operated, The Maiden Voyage Cafe (Maiden) offers delicious, affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare in a casual, comfortable environment in the Ravenswood neighborhood. The menu is designed to appeal to both families and professionals, and each dish is prepared and served with care and consideration. Maiden is committed to its community and serves Two Brothers Coffee Roasters, small-batch coffee roasted to order in Warrenville, Illinois. In addition, the cafe hosts a number of charitable events for local organizations. The cafe’s theme is: “Eat well. Do good,” and McCall and Benedict (or Margaret and Tim as they are known to their regulars), along with their staff of chefs, baristas, and bakers, meet that challenge each day.



The Satellite Cafe (Satellite) offers breakfast and lunch fare for commuters and neighbors in the Uptown/Buena Park neighborhood. The quick-service design of the store caters to customers on the go, with packaged food options prepared daily in the Maiden kitchen. Satellite serves the same excellent coffee and tea offerings from Two Brothers Coffee Roasters.



Free wifi and rewards are available at both Maiden and Satellite, courtesy of Spring Rewards. Sign up for cash back rewards here.

Printing is available at both Maiden and Satellite courtesy of PrintWithMe.