Allie Shapiro


Allie is a Chicago based artist and illustrator. Allie is thrilled to have their series "Beautiful Masculinity" at The Satellite Cafe. This project aims to highlight people who posses a masculine presence and/or elements of masculinity that is not toxic or an insecure performance of strength. Their work has previously been showcased at First Slice, The Playground Theater, and Your Happy Place Liquors. You can also find them on instagram (@allieshapiro) where they post frequently and also take commission requests.


Ola Kosoko


Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Moved permanently to the USA in 2007. I studied Business Administration and Management at Northern Illinois University at Dekalb, Illinois. I currently reside in Chicago (Ravenswood) and I can say its one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have been Illustrating my whole life, just as a hobby and/or relaxation, and I just recently decided to take it further. Although I currently work in the Accounting/Finance Industry, Art in general as always been my number one passion. My goal for being an artist is to build a bridge/connection between myself and the audience, because I believe Art is the most beautiful way of bringing different people together. I want to share the joy it brings to me with anyone that needs it.

Instagram: @mrolasoko


Something of a Dandy


Something of a Dandy is the moniker for all artwork created by Illustrator, Ashleigh Siegel. S.O.A.D. specializes in one-of-a-kind, whimsical creations that spread warm fuzzies to the world, one greeting at a time. Ashleigh designs greeting cards, gig posters, album artwork, customized illustrations, prints, and much more. Her illustrations are all drawn in ink then digitally colored with hand written text. They are jovial, bold, intricate, humorous, and innocent, with an emphasis on the human touch. She receives great pleasure knowing others are sending snail mail that reminds people they are individually special, important, and appreciated in this world of texts and tweets. When not participating in craft fairs, or making paper goods, you can find Ashleigh at a local café sipping a cold brew, or wandering the city streets looking for stray St. Bernard puppies to take home.

Instagram: @somethingofadandy

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