Caroline Josephine Brown


Caroline Josephine Brown (or CJB) is a freelance writer and illustrator. Since graduating from Northwestern in 2016 with a degree in English, she has helped coordinate a successful mayoral campaign, written proposals for an emergency management consulting firm, and started her own business. Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s work as well as magical realism (think Big Fish), her digital and watercolor art often marries reality and fantasy. As a surfer, she loves the ocean, and the work currently featured at Intergalactic Cafes was a part of her #mermay2018 series on Instagram (@cjinwonderland). CJB lives in Buena Park with her boyfriend Andrew and their kombucha SCOBY. You can view and purchase her work at


Lucy Bilaver


Ravenswood born artist, Lucy Bilaver, expresses fluid thought and freedom of movement in her abstract resin designs. An oil painter by training, she studied art education at Kent State University, traveling for several years before coming back home to Chicago. Inspiration for her work comes from a deep interest and trust in the universe and the color palettes from everyday life. Appreciating the abstract in day to day life is a lesson learned from her studies painting from a realistic perspective. Through her work, she has a message to share to her viewers and fellow artists. “Obsession with perfection takes the beauty away from the ebb and flow of life.” Let go of perfection and get lost in the pearlescent colors flowing into itself like gases in a galaxy or water in the ocean. The resin and ink medium create a sleek glass like finish, locking in a clean beautiful design. She has used this process on surfaces such as furniture, flooring, decor, and accessories and is available for custom work. 

“I create pieces with thought, care, and gratitude and I hope to share those vibrations with everyone who appreciates them.” 

Lucy Resin Designs
Instagram: @Lucyresindesigns
Etsy: Lucy Resin Designs 


Something of a Dandy


Something of a Dandy is the moniker for all artwork created by Illustrator, Ashleigh Siegel. S.O.A.D. specializes in one-of-a-kind, whimsical creations that spread warm fuzzies to the world, one greeting at a time. Ashleigh designs greeting cards, gig posters, album artwork, customized illustrations, prints, and much more. Her illustrations are all drawn in ink then digitally colored with hand written text. They are jovial, bold, intricate, humorous, and innocent, with an emphasis on the human touch. She receives great pleasure knowing others are sending snail mail that reminds people they are individually special, important, and appreciated in this world of texts and tweets. When not participating in craft fairs, or making paper goods, you can find Ashleigh at a local café sipping a cold brew, or wandering the city streets looking for stray St. Bernard puppies to take home.

Instagram: @somethingofadandy

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